Monday, July 23, 2007

Update on the Hatfield's

I got the idea of starting a blog from a friend of mine (thanks Amy T.). Considering that I am horrible with computers, we will see if I can actually pull this off. I'm going to use this to keep everyone updated on what is going on with the Hatfield's.
This summer has been wonderful and we have had a lot going on. To start things off, Kylie got her ears pierced at the county fair! I know what you are all thinking....but the person who did it has 30 years experience and did a great job. Kylie was great, she didn't cry or anything. She was so excited and had a huge smile after she saw her earrings for the first time in the mirror. She loves that she has earrings just like her best friend Helena.

We also went to the little leage A's baseball game where all the kids in baseball little league got to walk on the baseball field and watch the A's team warm up for the game. Austin is really into baseball and loved every minute of it. Little Colton even joined us at the game!

We went to the Monterey Aquarium with the Londre Family and the kids all had a ton of fun there. Kylie was even brave enough to pick up a starfish. I don't think she realized it was alive. I think she thought it was a pretty seashell. Kylie liked the exhibit where you stand underneath a glass structure and the waves from the ocean go over the glass. Austin liked the penguins.

We then had our big two week trip down to Southern California and Arizona. First we went to Jenn's family for the big 4th of July party. We also celebrated Colton's first birthday with my nephew Garrett (they are only 3 days apart!) Let's just say that Colton has some definite "Reese genes" in him and he loves his sweets!

The kids loved the 4th of July. Jenn's friend Trisha, Mike and their two daughters Francesca (Austin's future wife and best friend since they were 6 months old) and Sophia came to the 4th of July parade and party and we all had a great time. Austin and Kylie's highlight of the day was throwing water balloons at Papa!

We then went to Disneyland with Papa and Grandma Debbi. Austin loved the new Pirates of the Carribbean ride and pirate show. He now thinks that he is Jack Sparrow and constantly annoys Kylie by trying to get her with his pirate sword. Kylie loved the princesses and told me that she doesn't want to be a dentist when she grows up anymore, she wants to be a princess.

After Disneyland, we drove down to Arizona to visit Jo-Jo and Pops (Kylie now calls him Popsy's). The kids loved going swimming in their water fountain which they apparently think is a swimming pool and looking at baseball cards with Popsy. Austin thinks Popsy is so cool because he has "a million baseball cards and music cd's in his office".

After Arizona, we drove back to Papa and Grandma Debbi's house and went sailing over to Catalina Island for the annual Catalina Rendevous. Austin became quite the sailor and Kylie surprisingly agreed to go in the water with Daddy.
We had an amazing two weeks filled with so many wonderful memories!


Amy Taylor said...

You are a natural blogger...I love it!

erin said...

I can't believe how much the kids look like you jen! It's just like my family, daddy is altogether recessive!

Sherry said...

Jenn!!! OMG I am so impressed! I love it! I know this morning I asked for some pictures of the kids......I definatly wasn't expecting this! I cant believe you did this all for me! LOL (Just kidding) It looks great! Love you! XOXO