Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Austin's first day of kindergarten

I can't believe that Austin is now in Kindergarten. He was so excited for his first day of "real school". I was the only one that seemed to be a little nervous.

There are only five boys in Austin's class and 15 girls! Luckily Austin already knew two of the boys since they were both on his soccer team. Here is a picture of Austin with one of his friends from his kindergarten class.

The teacher had all the kids sit down at the table and draw. Austin couldn't wait to draw a picture of a pirate on a pirate ship! Here is Austin's first kindergarten picture.
With my heart in my throat I said goodbye to Austin. He said goodbye with a huge smile on his face and then blew me a kiss goodbye. When I picked him up from school he said he had the best day ever.

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Sherry said...

Jenn...I love the pictures! You had me crying there at the end. I hate being so emotional, or is it hormonal?