Monday, November 12, 2007


The kids had a really fun Halloween....well what kid doesn't like getting a ton of candy! Austin went as Jack Sparrow, Kylie was Princess Genevieve (Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses) and Colton was Austin's sidekick - a baby pirate.

Austin had a special Halloween parade at his school and loved seeing all of the funny costumes some of the big kids wore.

Austin loved being able to bring home Terry Bear from his classroom at school.

Austin drew a model of a pirate ship that he wanted to build. Then he made a pirate ship to look just like his model. He was pretty proud to make a pirate ship just like Great Grandpa Frank!

A fun night with our neighbors. The girls watched a 3-D Barbie Princess movie and the boys camped out in the playroom and watched a "non-girl" movie.

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