Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Trip to Westlake and Arizona

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. First we went to Westlake and visited Great Grandpa Frank at Catalina Yachts. Austin really enjoyed this since he thinks Grandpa Frank is the coolest great grandpa because he knows how to build "real pirate ships". The kids really enjoyed seeing how sailboats are made and visiting with Grandpa Frank.

This is where all of the sails are made at Catalina Yachts.

We were also able to spend a couple of days at Papa and Grandma Debbi's house. Kylie loved baking with Grandma Debbi, Austin liked playing chess with Papa and Colton liked feeding the ducks (well - he didn't seem to understand that the stale bread was for the ducks, not for him to eat!).

Our next stop was Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with Jo Jo and Popsy's.
What a fun week we all had!

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